See the San Juan Island Sculpture Park and More Art

San Juan Island is a beautiful sight to see. It’s no surprise the art scene is full of unique talents to see as well. Walking among sculptures in a San Juan Island Sculpture Park or a community theatre production on the island shows off the wondrous works that the island offers. At Northwest Island Escapes, we encourage that you check out and bring a piece of the splendid arts back to your community. Here’s how to experience the arts on San Juan Island.

sculpture park

San Juan Islands Sculpture Park

If you are on the islands on a nice sunny day, you owe it to yourself to visit the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park. It features more than 150 sculptures on 20-acres of land. Trails to the sculptures are easy to navigate, and the park is open from dawn to dusk.

San Juan Community Theatre

This is one of the best ways to understand the local art scene. The San Juan Community Theatre has a packed schedule of locally produced shows.

San Juan Islands Artists’ Studio

The studio tour is a free, self-guided tour through some of the island’s best works of art. Here you can find sculpture, jewelry, pottery, printmaking, glass, fiber, and fine art on display. You can even have an opportunity to chat with the artists about their work and the islands.

Island Stage Left

Here is another phenomenal theatre production. Admission is free, and if you are visiting in the summer, you can catch a Shakespeare show outside. During the cooler seasons, the exhibition moves indoors for more classical works. Check on the website to see what is playing next.

San Juan Islands Museum of Art

If you are looking to stroll and absorb the art scene here casually, the San Juan Islands Museum of Art is a terrific and inspiring location. The museum highlights local art and has a continuous cycle of new exhibits always moving in.

Get Inspired on San Juan Island

San Juan Island is a special place. The art reflects that, and you’ll understand better when you visit the community theatre or the San Juan Island Sculpture Park. At Northwest Island Escapes, you’ll have the best opportunity to see the art of San Juan Island firsthand. Start booking your San Juan Island rental property right now by calling 800-391-8190 or sending us an email at [email protected].